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Craven Solutions

We are the UK's leading designer and manufacturer of complete storage and handling solutions for the healthcare, catering and hospitality industries. However, because of our knowledge, expertise and investment into the very latest design and production techniques, we are best placed to take care of your needs more quickly and efficiently.

Popular products

We have an extensive range of standard products, being used every day in a wide variety of industries, including catering, retail, pharmaceuticals, electronics and health care - and you'll find many of these popular products will suit your needs perfectly.

Just for you

As well as our "all-purpose" solutions, we develop tailor-made products "just for you". Using the very latest Computer Aided Design (CAD) system, we work closely with customers to create solutions that exactly match their needs. Whatever your bespoke requirements, we can help you without stretching your budget. On top of this, our site surveys and product demonstrations are all FREE.

Top quality

We design our products for the people who use them, improving the way they work and achieving consistently high standards of quality.

Customer contact

With specialist knowledge and an understanding of the needs of particular industries, our customer service team plays a vital role in helping us create the new and innovative solutions that you want.

Experience and reliability

We've been manufacturing high quality products for over 50 years. Our proven track record of reliability and a reputation for the highest standards keeps customers coming back again and again. For versatile, hygienic and affordable storage and handling, the best solutions are Craven solutions.

Craven philosophy

Because of our history and experience we fully understand that the products we produce and the service we provide must be of the highest standard to ensure we continue to be the leading supplier of storage and handling solutions to the medical, catering and hospitality industries. This understanding and appreciation leads us to constantly invest in the latest design techniques and production methods to ensure our wide range of products meet the needs of those who use them.

Moreover, our commitment to customer satisfaction enables our customers to benefit from not only the best product designs, but also additional benefits, such as:

  • No hidden costs
  • Friendly and professional service
  • Fair dealing philosophy
  • Excellent sales support
  • Wide range of product solutions to choose from
  • Established history
  • Customer focused
  • Competitive prices
  • Reliable product solutions
  • Complete understanding for the markets we serve

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