Small Preparation Kitchen 3.8m

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Product Specification (Code: SPK2838)

General Description

The SPK 28/38 is a compact hygienic work area. Designed for use as a stand-alone preparation specific kitchen, it is also perfectly suited for addition to your existing facilities or for linking to an MKL Production Kitchen, to maximise or expand the capability and output potential of any catering operation. With enough space tor two people to work effectively, this simple and flexible unit is ideal for any pre-cook prep, vegetable, snack or sandwich production demands. Download PDF version at the bottom under additional documents.

Standard Layout

Single door 21cu.ft Upright Refrigerator

2 x Stainless Steel Tabls c/w Undershelf

Electric Wall-mounted water heater

Food safe wipe-clean walls and ceilings surfaces

Non-slip safety flooring in either heat-welded vinyl or aluminium dural checker-plate finish

Hygienic Vapour-proof Fluorescent lighting

Wall-mounted Fly-killer

Wall-mounted Soap Dispenser

Wall-mounted Disposable towel dispenser

First Aid Kit

Technical Specifications

Internal Height: 2.3m (7' 6")
External Length: 3.8m (12' 4")
External Width: 2.85m (9' 4")
External Height: 2.84m (9' 3")
External Height on lorry: 4.5m (14' 9")
Weight: 2.5 tonnes (approx)

Services Connections

Gas: Not Availiable.

  1. Water: 15mm Cold Water Inlet for connection to Mains supply @ 2 bar minimum pressure
  2. Electrics: 63 amp 230 volt 1 single phase high level connection via commando socket. Amperage rating is for connected load total without allowance for diversity
  3. Waste: 40mm (1") Plastic Waste outlet connection
Price available on application

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