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Smoking Ban Leads to Surge in Demand for Temporary Kitchens

Date: 01-MAR-07
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Smoking Ban Leads to Surge in Demand for Temporary Kitchens

24 January 2007

To upgrade or not to upgrade? For pubs, restaurants and hotels who don’t know if they’re going to need to expand their kitchen to cope with extra demand after the smoking ban, CKS has a solution: hire a temporary kitchen. That way, you’ll have enough capacity to cope with demand. Later, if you decide to enlarge the kitchen proper, you can. But if you don’t need to, you haven’t spent huge amounts unnecessarily.

Kitchen InteriorBut whether you need a temporary kitchen during refurbishment or to help your permanent kitchen cope with extra demand, CKS urges you to organise it as soon as possible, or you could be disappointed. The company has reported a surge in enquiries for temporary kitchens, as caterers think about gearing up their kitchens after the smoking ban comes into force.

“On the one hand, lots of sites are expanding their outside eating areas – which means they’ll have more tables, which in turn will put extra pressure on the kitchen,†says Mark Kingston. “At the same time, many are looking to upgrade their foodservice to compensate for the business they lose from kicking out the smokers.

“Either way, they are looking at major investment in the kitchen and many will need a temporary kitchen to tide them over.â€

CKS offers a wide range of temporary units and can tailor its kitchens to suit the site’s foodservice operation. For example, one unit might be fitted out with traditional cooking equipment such as hobs, ovens and fryers, another might feature combi steamers and wok burners. “We can supply the equipment the chef is familiar with and even mimic the layout he or she is used to,†says Mark Kingston. “That way, moving to the temporary kitchen is as painless and stress-free as possible.â€

All CKS units comply fully with health and safety regulations and are HACCP-compliant. They can be hired for a few days, weeks or months. The company also offers a wide choice of other temporary units, such as dining areas, cold stores, offices and washrooms.

CKS is one of the UK’s leading temporary kitchen specialists. The company also offers a professional kitchen installation service and operates a catering equipment maintenance division.

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