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No Need to do Battle with the Unknown

Date: 01-MAR-07
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Container Kitchen Systems 'Kitchen Copy' Service has just what the Chef likes

02 August 2006

Kitchens need refurbishing every so often. It’s a fact of life. But the thought of the ensuing upheaval is enough for most businesses to put it off until there’s no choice. Cooking in an unfamiliar, temporary kitchen is a prospect the majority of chefs don’t welcome, so much so that some premises have to close for the entire refurbishment period.

Contain Kitchen Systems (CKS), a specialist in supplying temporary kitchen units to be used while refurbishments and rebuilds are carried out, understands exactly the pressures managers, chefs and kitchen staff are under during kitchen alterations. To overcome the problems associated with working in provisional facilities the company offers its ‘kitchen copy’ service.

CKS can usually equip the temporary kitchen modules with all the chef’s favourite appliances to make the transition between old kitchen and temporary kitchen as painless as possible. CKS believes that just because the kitchen is only a stop-gap measure there’s no need to skimp on quality of equipment or kit it out with unfamiliar appliances.

The CKS ‘kitchen copy’ modules are delivered fully equipped and ready-to-use, they are easy to install and quick to commission. Their modular design means they can be linked together or even stacked one on top of the other, depending on space limitations. All are designed to meet latest EHO Food and Hygiene Regulations. And, since the client will be familiar with the equipment, it can be up and running right away.

Inside a Production KitchenOnce the temporary kitchen is in operation CKS offers full customer support including staff training if necessary. And, if as all too often happens, the refurbishment takes longer than planned, then the CKS module can stay on site enabling the customer to take advance bookings with confidence.

CKS is one of the UK’s leading temporary kitchen specialists. The company also offers a professional kitchen installation service and operates a catering equipment maintenance division.

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