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Everything Online Including the Kitchen Sink

Date: 11-SEP-07
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New CKS website makes life easier for caterers with personalised

accounts and full catalogue online

01 September 2007

If you're a caterer, facilities manager or foodservice consultant and you need a temporary kitchen, the chances are you'll want an idea of cost before you progress too far. But up till now getting even an initial quote has taken time.

The new CKS website offers an online 'quote me' feature - all the user does is fill in a quick form and hit the button, and the site automatically generates a 'ballpark' quote. It means you can get a quick figure fast, without spending precious hours. Once you've made a decision, you can go back to the quote and finalize it to get a precise figure.

CKS (Container Kitchen Systems) is the temporary catering facilities specialist. The updated website puts examples of the company's entire selection of temporary cabin kitchens and equipment online. The new site - www.cksltd.co.uk - includes a host of automated features that can provide instant answers for both new and existing CKS clients.

Central to the relaunched site is the optional, free and confidential registration for users. By registering not only can you automatically obtain and save quotes for purchase or hire of items, you can also check your own accounts online. You don't need to be a CKS customer to register, and the quotes will be stored for future visits so that you can retrieve and adjust them.

You can now find information on various categories of temporary kitchen - for care homes, for events or for standard kitchen refurbishment, say - and download relevant information, advice, sample kitchen layouts and factsheets on each sector. For example, tips on how to prepare your site for delivery of a temporary kitchen, or installation of dining room modules. Meanwhile, a detailed Questions & Answers section advises caterers on setting up temporary systems, from site surveys to allocating services.

All available types of temporary kitchens can now be viewed online - not just the ones ready to supply, but those you can design to your own specification.

"Our goal has been to make the website responsive to particular market sectors", says Mark Kingston. "In particular, it can speed up planning and costing for catering managers and consultants. For example, you can now quickly factor in the costs for the temporary-kitchen element of a refurbishment.

"The new website will give you a ballpark figure for costs, estimates, etc, in a matter of moments", he points out. "Traditional methods make it time-consuming to arrange a quotation for temporary kitchens, because even by phone or email you usually have to bat it back and forth with a supplier until you assemble what you need."

Finally, the entire CKS website is now 'RSS feed-enabled', allowing you to keep track of new additions without having to revisit it and without having to subscribe to email updates. You can even specify to be alerted only when the website is updated to include a type of facility or equipment you are interested in.

CKS has a wide variety of temporary kitchens and facilities, from all-in-one ready-fitted kitchens that can be delivered and working in a day or two, through to specialist units such as storage rooms, refrigerated and freezer coldrooms, self-service facilities, temporary dining areas and washroom facilities.

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