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Container Kitchen Systems Wins Praise From Deepest Senegal

Date: 04-MAY-07
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Container Kitchen Systems Wins Praise From Deepest Senegal
When The Going Gets Tough

25 April 2006

When The Going Gets Tough, CKS Kitchens Keep Going British Company’s Customer Support Wins Praise From Deepest Senegal.

Being a field kitchen isn’t an easy life. Especially if you happen to be sited at an exploration mine. And especially if the mine is sited in an extremely hostile environment.

So it’s not surprising that after 12 months hard labour one of the two kitchens supplied by Container Kitchen Systems (CKS) to MDL Senegal & Sabodala Mining Company, a subsidiary of Mineral Deposits Ltd of Australia, needed a little TLC in the shape of some replacement parts. Not that Director of Logistics Steve Danne has any complaints: “Things are going well,” he confirmed. “The kitchens are working overtime. Our numbers at Sabodala have more than quadrupled and the CKS unit is doing it all.

CKS has a dedicated customer support team but even they were surprised at how smoothly customer support can be supplied to deepest Senegal. Paul Twiselton of CKS explains: “The correspondence between the client, ourselves and the manufacturer was all done by email and fax. This sped everything up and, combined with using the client’s own courier account, meant that the spares arrived very fast in Sabodala and the kitchen was fully functioning within a few days of the initial problem.

The CKS kitchens supplied to Senegal are actually fitted inside standard ISO containers. Each comes with ovens, cooktops, deep fryers, sinks, prep tables, electric switchboards and hot water tanks. From outside they look like a conventional shipping container. However, the double doors at one end open to reveal a serving hatch and a door into the main preparation area for kitchen staff.

The result is a ready to use kitchen capable of being offloaded from a lorry, opened, connected to mobile services such as gas or a generator, and in action almost immediately, all in a space 20 feet long, 9 feet high and 8 feet wide.

And, as Steve Danne can confirm, when the going gets tough, they keep on going. “The CKS kitchens were an essential element in our deployment strategy,” he says. “They allowed us to move quickly into an extremely hostile environment, where they now provide a hygienic and modern on-site facility for our exploration staff.

As for the way CKS handled after-sales support, Steve had a typically Australian sign off: “Thanks, mate!

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