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Christmas special: How to boost kitchen capacity.

Date: 06-AUG-08
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Boost Kitchen Power This Christmas

What do chefs want for Christmas? Probably 50% more kitchen so they can handle the extra festive business. Now, thanks to temporary kitchen specialist CKS, they can get it quickly and easily. What's more, they can set up their hire online using the new CKS customer-friendly web software.

Because CKS (Container Kitchen Systems) can tailor each temporary kitchen to the customer's requirements, the company can build in precisely the equipment that's needed to make Christmas easier. A kitchen full of combi ovens? No problem. Wok burners, deep fat fryers, bratt pans, anything goes. It doesn't even have to be a cooking kitchen - the chef might need a larger prep area, or a cold store, or even an extra dishwash area. Whatever the requirement, CKS can supply it and ensure it is up and running within hours.

"Christmas parties and banquets put huge pressure on kitchen capacity," says Mark Kingston of CKS. "An extra kitchen area boosts capacity and takes the stress away, allowing caterers to make the most of the extra business Christmas and New Year can bring."

CKS will hire kitchens for as little as one day, though with set-up and strike-down costs this is a relatively expensive option. More often temporary kitchens will be hired to cover the whole Christmas and New Year party season. "We'd expect most caterers who need this kind of extra kitchen power over Christmas to book a unit for two to four weeks," he adds.

The smallest CKS kitchen is 3.8 metres long by 2.8 metres wide. It allows plenty of room for two chefs to work comfortably and can produce 200+ meals per session. The company's largest standard unit is 8.6 metres long and is big enough for six chefs producing 400 or more meals. Where bigger capacities are required CKS modules can be linked together.

For kitchens where there's plenty of space but not enough capacity, CKS can hire out equipment. The company offers a comprehensive range, from prime cooking equipment though refrigeration to warewashers.

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