Small Potwash Unit 3.8m

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Product Specification (Code: SPW2838)

General Description

The SPW 2.8m / 3.8m is a dedicated pot, pan and utensil wash unit. With a sterilising sink as an option, this cabin is particularly suited to both civil and military applications as well as being perfectly practical for those smaller events where a dishwasher is not required. With its double bowl sink and substantial storage space on the two tier racks, this unit is equally suitable for many varied catering operations, either as a 'stand-alone' facility, or as an additional work area linked to others as part of a larger complex. Download PDF version at the bottom under additional documents.

Standard Layout

Wall Table c/w Under shelf

Food safe wipe-clean walls and ceiling surfaces

Non-slip safety flooring in either heat-welded vinyl or aluminium dural checker-plate finish

Hygienic vapour-proof fluorescent lighting

Technical Specifications

Internal Height: 2.3m (7' 6")

External Length: 3.78m (12' 5")

External Width: 2.85m (9' 4")

External Height: 2.84m (9' 3")

External Height on Lorry: 4.5m (14' 9")

Weight: 2.5 tonnes (approx.)

Services Connections
  1. Gas: Not available in this cabin.
  2. Water: 15mm Cold water Inlet for connection to Mains supply @ 2 bar minimum pressure.
  3. Electrics: 63 Amp 230 Volt 1 (Single Phase) high level connection via Commando Socket. Amperage rating is for connected load total without allowance for diversity.
  4. Waste: 40mm (1") Plastic Waste outlet connection.

Price available on application

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