Project Management

In the second stage of planning we assign a Project Manager who is responsible for everything thereafter. The site manager will have seen the site and talked through the requirements and will now plan the implementation of the project.The Building Blocks of the complex can be lifted into place

In a large number of instances, our basic hire range will provide the necessary 'building blocks' for the facility.

In complex facilities, the internal equipment specification will be tailored to suit particular needs.When special or additional facilities, such as dining, w.c. and shower or administration units are needed, we will purpose build to order. The Project Manager will advise on what is needed.

The Project Manager will remain responsible for the project though out its lifespan, organising improvements, repairs and servicing of equipment. At the end he will organise the removal of all equipment.

Our aim is to ensure an entirely trouble-free exercise and total customer satisfaction. See our FAQ for more information on Project Management.

Providing a Project Management is part of our Free planning and design service.

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