Fosters F200 Ice Maker Integral Cuber 200 Kg Large Bin

Fosters F200 Ice Maker Integral Cuber 200 Kg Large Bin - Image
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Product Specification (Code: F200L)

General Description

The F200L can produce 215kg of cubed ice every 24 hrs. It has a storage capacity of 210 kg. It offers complete temperature control and superb hygiene, which is vital because ice is given the same hygiene consideration as foodstuffs.

Dimensions (mm)

1078 (w) x 870 (d) x 1590 (h)


215kg per 24 hours


210 kg

Cube Size (mm)

26 x 26 x 26

Option - 26 x 26 x 13

Fosters Cuber Range
  • The Foster range has been innovatively designed with new user-friendly electro-mechanical controls to ensure reliability.
  • Settings can be adjusted on site to suit the ambient air and water conditions, making sure you achieve maximum output wherever the machine is located.
  • The models also incorporate a condenser thermostat, which ensures a full harvest of cubes, even in low ambient temperatures.
  • Fosterās icecubers produce ultra cold square cubes that last longer in the glass, ice bucket and the machineās storage bin, so less ice replenishment is required giving you an additional cost saving.
  • The range also uses as little as 5 litres of water to produce 1 kilo of ice ā important where water is metered.
  • Hygiene is another vitally important factor as ice is classified as a food under food safety regulations. The new flush system ensures clear ice free from impurities and eliminates the risk of lime-scale build up.
  • The new models feature ice storage areas that are produced from moulded food-safe plastic with coved internal corners, making them easy to keep clean.
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