RATIONAL SCC202G Self Cooking Center 202 Gas 20 Grid Combi

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Product Specification (Code: SCC202G)

General Description

With the RATIONAL SelfCooking Center® you can relax in the knowledge that the demanding daily kitchen routine is under control: you can bake, roast, steam, blanch, poach and much more, all in a single unit.

The RATIONAL SelfCooking Center® cooks up to 15 % faster than conventional Combi-Steamers, saving you both time and money.

Our SelfCooking Center® replaces or relegates to minimal floor space 40-50 %
of all conventional cooking appliances such as hot air ovens, stoves, boiling pans, steamers and deep-fryers.

During every cooking process SelfCooking Control® automatically makes use of the full technical potential of the RATIONAL SelfCooking Center® on your behalf. So you always get full value for your money.


20 x 2/1 GN

Lengthwise loading for

2/1, 1/1 GN

Number of meals per day


Dimensions (mm)

1084 (w) x 996 (d) x 1782 (h)

Height incl. gas draft diverter: 2.021 mm

Minimum distances (left, right, back): 50 mm

Recommended distance for service work (left): 500 mm

Minimum distance on left for heat sources: 350 mm

Water supply (pressure hose)

¾'' / Ø ½''

Water pressure (Flow pressure)

150-600 kPa / 0,15-0,6 Mpa / 1,5-6 bar

Minimum flow rate for filter and soft water system

15,0 l/h

Water drain

DN 50 mm

Electricity connection

1,1 kW

Weight (net)

370,5 kg

Fuse protection

1 x 16 A

Mains connection

1 NAC 230 V

Cable cross-section

3 x 2,5 mm² (Supplied with 2.5 m cable / without connector)

Gas supply/connection


Connected flow pressure

Natural gas H G20: 18 - 25 mbar

Natural gas L G25: 20 - 30 mbar

Liquefied gas G30: 25 - 57,5 mbar

Liquefied gas G31: 25 - 57,5 mbar

Exhaust gas duct

A3 (nur Typ 61), B13, B23

Rated thermal load

Liquid gas LPG total: 67 kW

Liquid gas LPG "Moist heat": 53 kW

Liquid gas LPG "Dry heat": 67 kW

Natural gas total: 64 kW

Natural gas "Moist heat": 51 kW

Natural gas "Dry heat": 64 kW

Marks of conformity


Latent heat load

11.583 kJ/h

Sensitive heat load

13.636 kJ/h

Required air volume

(unit free-standing in room): 2.123 m3/h

(unit with one side against the wall): 1.337 m3/h

(unit with two sides against the wall): 849 m3/h

Price available on application

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